Chinese-Australians Report 2022


For more than 200 years Chinese-Australians have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the nation. In absolute terms the Chinese community currently delivers greater positive economic benefits to Australia than any other multi-cultural group. Moreover, they do so as both Australians born of Chinese descent or overseas born Chinese who chose to live permanently in their home as Australian citizens.

To date, there has never been a comprehensive report on the social and economic impact of Chinese-Australians. The Chinese-Australians Report will present the facts on Australia’s Chinese community and, for the first time, quantify their economic impact on Australia.

This report will expose uninformed myths about Chinese-Australians and present facts and data that clearly demonstrate their commitment, and contribution, to Australia’s prosperity

In addition, the report will quantify, through both research data and survey, the wider social impact of Chinese-Australians and their contributions to sport, the arts, education, family support and philanthropy.

Report parameters


Including: population size & geographic distribution/country of birth/country of family origin/present nationality/age/home/education

Business and Economic Impact

Including: median incomes/taxation contribution/reliance on welfare payment/business-ownership/trade facilitation/debt/savings/investments

Social Impact

Including: community activity/charity/unpaid care/sports

Institutional Bias

Including: representation of Chinese and Asian Australians in politics, the corporate sector and key leadership roles


The report will rely on three methods of evidence gathering:

  • Statistical Data drawn from Australian Bureau of Statistics and other similar sources
  • Group surveys conducted by academic partners and/or recognised research companies
  • Case studies presented as feature interviews of individuals excelling in their fields 
Report research partners

The report will be produced in conjunction with key partners who will contribute to the research project, they will include: universities, Asia and China-focussed business groups and Asia specific research organisations.


The first Chinese-Australians Report will be released in the first half of 2022.

Report project management 

The Chinese-Australians Report will be project managed and edited by Marcus Reubenstein, under the banner of news website APAC News of which he is the founder and editor.